Mark 2

Serial Range: 21xxxxx

What the frog foot boasts in longevity, the Mark 2 boasts in exclusivity. Appearing in a narrow serial range, it’s beautiful and balanced font and layout is my personal favorite. The crown and font appears very similar (if not identical) to that of the Type 6 gilt dial. The only difference I can see are the small serifs on the gilt dial printing of ‘oyster perpetual’ and the SCOC text, which are as likely a product of the more precise printing possible with galvanic manufacturing as compared to printing as anything else.

The Tell: There are two easy things to spot on Mark 2 dials: the E in Rolex, which has diagonal serifs on the E, and the Swiss T<25, which sits on top of the minute hashes rather than further down. Both of these characteristics are unique amongst the matte dial variants.

Picture Credit: HQ Milton & Cory L