Type 6

Serial Range: 10xxxxx-174xxxx

The Type 6 dial is the most common gilt 1016. While this and the Type 5 dials start in the 10xxxxx range, the Type 6 is the latest gilt dial produced so I have designated it as the final “mark.” The majority of these dials are seen from 1.2-1.6m but there are confirmed examples in this wider range, which is similar to that of the transition of other Rolex models in the late 1960’s (the 1675, for example, transitions in the 1.4-1.72m range).

The Tell: As compared to the Type 4 gilt dials, Type 5 and 6 dials have the “Swiss T<25” written higher up, replacing the top third of the bottom 3 hash marks. The most obvious tells of the Type 5, as compared to the Type 6, are the ‘stringy’ projections of the crown that do not taper and the 90 degree serifs on the E in Rolex. The Type 6 crown has tapering projections with more prominent pearls and slanted serifs on the E in Rolex.

Picture Credit: HQ Milton, Michael Morgan, and Ancienne Vintage Watches