Type 4

Serial Range: 90xxxx-105xxxx

Type 4 dials are the first dial iteration without the chapter ring. This change continued the evolution of Rolex watches toward the utilitarian pieces that would find their heyday in the 1970’s and 1980’s before their shift toward the luxury market. Generally, these non-chapter ring gilt models have a thicker lacquer than the earlier dials, making them appear more mirror like and less prone to cracking.

The Type 4 dial is made up of two subtypes that represent the transition to tritium:

  • Early “swiss” only dials, ubiquitously seen with an underline
  • Late “T<25” dials, not seen with underlines

The Tell: The easiest way to distinguish this dial from other non-chapter ring (CR) gilt dials is to look at the lower edge. If it’s a non-CR gilt dial and only has “swiss” at the bottom, it’s an early Type 4. If it’s a non-CR gilt dial and the “Swiss T<25” is written low on the minute hash marks, it’s a later Type 4 dial. Type 5 and 6 gilt dials have the “Swiss T<25” written higher up within the minute hashes and replace the top third of the bottom 3 hash marks.

Early “Swiss” Only Dials

Late “Swiss T<25” Dials

Picture Credit: Michael Morgan, The Keystone, Lunar Oyster, and HQ Milton