Type 3

Serial Range: 516xxx-105xxxx

As mentioned on the Type 1 page, all three types of 1016 chapter ring SCOC dials appear to start at the 516xxx serial range, which is the same as that of the OCC dials. Whereas the Type 1 serial range is limited to an upper end of 596xxx, the Type 3 extends to the 105xxxx range. As such, dials in the 6-9xxxxx range are seen with exclamation points (colloquial for the small dot of lume below the 6 o’clock lume because it looks like the bottom of an exclamation point on Submariners, where the lume plot is rectangular) and/or underlines.

The Tell: When differentiating these dials, look at the crowns. They are all fairly different. The Type 1 has a short and simple crown with a simple base. The Type 2 is very ‘stringy’ with a wide base that juts out to the sides. The Type 3 is tall and cartoonish with large pearls at the top. All these dials were made with the intention of having radium lume and therefore are designated “swiss” at the bottom, unlike the later “T<25” designation for tritium used on later gilt and matte dials.

Picture Credit: HQ Milton