Mark 5

Serial Range: 66xxxxx-9xxxxxx + early R Serial

The final dial iteration is, ironically, not the last dial used in the 1016 line. As described previously, Mark 3’s are seen both before and after the Mark 4 and 5 dials for reasons that will only be known to those at Rolex Geneva. Like the Mark 3 dials, the Mark 5’s can be seen earlier than the mid-6m serial range as service dials — I would scrutinize Mark 5 dials with serial numbers earlier than this closely before buying. As for the upper limit, I am still seeking a clear cut off in the R serial range but have yet to confirm an example in the late R range and definitely nothing in the L’s.

The Tell: The easiest way to distinguish a Mark 5 dial is by the letter E in Explorer. The middle horizontal bar is not central between the upper and lower bars but is pushed up toward the top. Otherwise, the PLO of Explorer are also pushed together closely compared to the other letters.

Picture Credit: HQ Milton & Haywood Milton